"That band with a mannequin..."

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Those Manic Seas is a dynamic ‘four’ piece group that combines elements of post rock and shoegaze to create unique, danceable songs — and lists bands such as Interpol, the Killers and Mutemath as influences. Their debut Headache/Heartache 7" help them expand their reach outside of Virginia. The band has since toured the US and Canada extensively.

The band released their latest digital single, 'Outlier', in Sept. '15. Currently they are finishing their upcoming full length debut with a projected release date of spring/summer '16. The first single that will be released is being produced by Darren King of MUTEMATH.

In the first quarter of '16, the band embarked on a 30 day tour and continue to showcase their ever-changing live show to help build anticipation for their upcoming LP. 

10 day DIY tour from 03.06.15 - 03.15.15
60 day DIY tour from 09.18.15 - 11.11.15
30 day DIY tour from 01.28.16 - 02.29.16


Those Manic Seas have performed in 

Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montreal, New Jersey, New York,
North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
Tennessee, Texas, Toronto, Virginia, West Virginia


Performed with

MewithoutYou // Broods // Nightmare & The Cat // The Griswolds

Peelander Z // Jonathan Jackson & Enation //The Features

Shinobi Ninja // Black Girls // Chalk Talk

No BS! Brass Band and many more.



'Outlier' digital single - Sept 2015

Outlier was the first song by Those Manic Seas. It was held back from release to ensure that the song was released in the best form possible. It very much showcases the bands energetic highs and dynamic lows all in one song.

'Headache/Heartache' 7" - May 2013
The A-Side: “Headache/Heartache” was written as a song to get the crowd dancing. “We wanted to challenge
ourselves with our sound. We normally have a shoe-gaze, noisy, post-punk sound and we wanted to create
something catchy that can draw people in. Something danceable ... something fun. ...We tried not to over think it.”

The B-Side : “That Manic Song” is dark, frenzied and grungy. It’s packed with highs and lows that mirror the
feeling the band was going through when the song was written.